Our mission is to maintain and strengthen our position gained by hard working and high service quality in Turkish market as one of the best full service provider in the fields of heavy lifting, heavy transport and material handling services. The most important instruments we make use of to reach our goals and to commit our mission are as follows.

Progressive improvement: Aydin Vinç will continue to improve its machinery fleet and human resources as the market requirements go further, knowing that ?staying stagnant is falling back in the race of service.?

Innovation: We always find joy and satisfaction with solving the most challenging and unique problems of our customers by creating new methods and innovative tools precisely fit to the situation.

Safety: Our safety principles are not only to protect our assets and reputation but also to keep our customers? and sub contractors? lives and assets apart from any dangerous situation. We quite well know that; ?Protecting your business is protecting ours!?

High level of service quality: The level of our service quality is designated by our customers who have world-wide reputation about their quality and safety regulations.

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